Schedule for Sandormen

Sandormen starts the season a week before Easter and continues to run until the week after the school autumn holiday. (23th of March 2024 to 26th of October 2024).

The exact daily "Opening hours" where You can find Sandormen at Grenen is announced on our Facebook page.

Find it here

Sandormen has no fixed timetables, but it departs regularly from Grenen parking lot.

Special occasions

For a trip with Sandormen off-season, offers can be obtained by contacting us.

For weddings, confirmations, corporate outings or other similar special trips, a trip with Sandormen to Grenen can be a memorable feature of the party. Contact us for details.

What do the visitors say about Sandormen​

Lillian Irene Tranberg

"Super experience. Although there were a lot of people involved, it worked out well."

Pia Erika Frederiksen

"Always nice to be there. Especially when the sun is shining, as it did yesterday"

Sonja Rasmussen

"Fantastic experience for the grandchildren. I remember as a child when you drove with Sandormen and the grandchildren also thought it was an experience and fun😊"

Christina Reuther

"Fantastic experience☀️ Clearly remember I was there as a child and have had a great desire to show my children what I remember so well. They were crazy about it !!!😁 And then we just met a seal, who was lying and enjoying himself at the water's edge. Perfect, thank you😊"

Kåre Brandborg Kristensen

"Wonderful experience with the kids. Funny that a seal just came up on the beach to sunbathe while we were there 🙂"

Ole Sørensen

"A trip with the "worm" should be a "must" when you visit Denmark's northernmost city"

Contact information

Christian B. Hjermitslev​

Mobile: +45 5190 4099


Toni Jespersen​

Mobile: +45 4030 5042


Frequently asked questions

Where do I buy tickets?

In the wagons you can ONLY PAY WITH CASH - When using a payment card, the tickets must be purchased in advance in our ticket machine nearby our pickup point.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT MOBILEPAY due to lack of mobile coverage.

Where can I find the ticket machine for Sandormen?

​The ticket machine for Sandormen is located at our nearby pickup point.

Can you bring a dog?

Yes, but they are not allowed on the seats.

May we bring strollers?

We do NOT recommend bringing strollers, as they often cannot be used in the loose sand.

For smaller children, a baby carrier or similar is recommended.

How often does Sandormen run?

In the pre- and post-season, Sandormen runs at intervals of 20-30 min. In high season (school holidays) Sandormen runs approx. every 10 min.

Where do we drive from?

Sandormen drives from the parking lot at Fyrvej 38V, 9990 Skagen.

From the city center / train station there are approx. 3 kilometers.