Experience the Grenen

Where the two seas meet!

Drive with Sandormen all the way to the tip.

Two Way Tickets:

Adults: Dkr. 30,00
Children under 12 years: Dkr. 15,00

Notice: In Sandormen it’s not possible to use creditcards!!! Please bring cash for the payment.


Sandormen starts the season a week before Easter and continues to run until the week after the school autumn holiday. (13th of April 2019 to 26th of October 2019).

The exact daily "Opening hours" where You can find Sandormen at Grenen is announced on our Facebook page. Find the details here.

Sandormen has no fixed timetables, but it departs regularly from Grenen parking lot.

Special occasions:

For a trip with Sandormen off-season, offers can be obtained by contacting us.

For weddings, confirmations, corporate outings or other similar special trips, a trip with Sandormen to Grenen be a memorable feature of the party. Contact us for details.



Christian B. Hjermitslev

Mobil: +45 5190 4099

Toni Jespersen

Mobil: +45 4030 5042


Grenen is one of Denmark’s greatest natural attractions. Visiting the tip of Grenen with Sandormen is an exciting and inspiring ride where you can get information about coastline change and natural manifolds.

Grenen is one of the nation’s most popular attractions and is visited by over 1 million visitors annually.

Grenen is the scene where an amazing natural experience is played out by a combination between sand, water and the impressive lighting.

Grenen is northern Europe’s best spring row place for raptors.

If you are lucky, in addition to hundreds of gulls, you can also experience the great seabirds – sea eagle, golden eagle and osprey.

The visit to Skagen is completed with a tour of Sandormen to the tip of Grenen, which also gives you the opportunity to stand with one foot in the Skagerrak and the other in the Kattegat.

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