The idea of Sandormen, which was to transport people out to the tip of Grenen, is dating from the late 40s.
At the time, pebbles was collected  from Grenen to the many houses that were being build after the war.
The story says that while driving on Grenen, there were many visitors who asked about a ride with the vehicles that were used to collect the pebbles. A bright head thought: “Why not make this into a business, whereby you can earn a dime.”

The first vehicles were very primitive. The benches in the wagons were borrowed in the mission house.

Later, the cars enhanced with roof and were closed with real windows.

Moreover, as can be seen in the picture below, the conditions for the drivers were also improved.

In the former newspaper named Skagen Avis, the 27th May 1952 under the section: “Town & district” the following article down below was written.


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